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Process Rebates

The Integration, Inc. fulfillment center offers complete fulfillment services to process rebates for the following:

  • Promotion Fulfillment
  • Sweepstakes Fulfillment
  • Process Rebates
  • Product Fulfillment
  • Gift card Fulfillment
process rebates

Rebates not only attract customers and provide a sales lift, they can also allow you to leverage marketing communications to engage your customers, create positive experiences and build brand loyalty. The catch is that you really need to process rebates well in order to capture this benefit. We process rebates that are large and small and we are able to customize our systems to meet your every need. Our programming staff can quickly develop a customized web portal for your customers to access where we work to process rebates on your behalf. The rebate solution that we will develop will impress your customers and allow you to increase sales as we process rebates for you.

We know in today’s world, an excited consumer tells others about their experience. This is why we micromanage every detail of your program to ensure you are happy with how we process rebates. Satisfied customers use their voices to sing praises. Using our services to process rebates will ensure your rebate program is a success, as we process rebates for you with the ultimate accuracy every time.

Our rebate processing solutions include helping with:

  • Program consulting
  • Form design
  • Printing
  • Distribution
  • Data Capture
  • Flexible solutions
  • Fraud protection
  • Customer service

We process rebates with the following rebate types:

  • Service provider rebates
  • Stand-along rebate offers
  • Online rebate processing
  • Gift card fulfillment
  • Mail-in rebate processing

When we process rebates and capture your rebate data, either via online or via a mailed in rebate, our customized solution has controls in place to match your specific rebate requirements.  Our system is developed to accurately monitor your rebate requirements to ensure each rebate that is approved meets every guideline and rebate expectation. If a rebate is rejected based on your guidelines, your customer is notified electronically so they can potentially make adjustments and submit another rebate.

If a rebate is approved, your customer is also notified to give them the details of what will happen next.  For example, a rebate check might be issued or a product might be packaged and delivered to your customer.

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